My hairdresser asked me today “What does a conveyancer actually do?”
Trying to hide my surprise, the obscurity of my profession dawned on me.
“Well,” I said, “Conveyancers transfer property (houses and land) from one owner to another.”
“But can’t people just do that themselves?” she asked.
I looked up at her reflection in my mirror and smiled. “Well, perhaps they could try, but it’s quite complicated with many dangerous pot holes in the process. There might be important things you miss.”
“Like what?” she asked.
“Take for example something that happened to my client today. He singed a contract but wasn’t served a Form 1 by the vendor’s real estate agent.”
There ended the conversation…..

Moral of the story?

Get proper advice from a conveyancer when making a major decision like buying property. It’s crucial!

Stay tuned for my next post explaining the importance of the Form 1 Vendor’s Disclosure.


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