While recently giving out my conveyancing business cards at a local open inspection, the attending agent called me a “solicitor”. I corrected him by saying “conveyancer”. His reply was “What’s the diff?”

It was surprising to discover that a real estate agent, someone immersed in the property biz, could be so mistaken. There is most certainly a difference between solicitors and conveyancers! Both are governed by separate legislation just for starters.

Soon after my encounter, I came across some disturbing statistics. The majority of official complaints from the public about the legal profession are related to conveyancing.

The most common of these complaints is unsupervised practice. More often than not, a legal firm will give conveyancing briefs to unqualified and inexperienced junior lawyers.

Another common complaint is unreasonable delays and multiple postponements of settlement dates. In my view, this is symptomatic of unsatisfactory professional conduct.

Choose your “conveyancer” wisely to avoid stress and disruption to what should be a very happy event in your life!


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