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Noel L. - Oakbank

“Many thanks for the friendly, speedy and efficient service.

I am sure to lock you in as my preferred conveyancer when I decide to purchase (or sell for that matter) my next property.”

Schanna L. - Meadows

“Extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Peace of mind in stressful situations.”

Andrew M. - Strathalbyn

“I wish to highly recommend Tania Haines who did a brilliant job on my behalf as a conveyancer on recent property transactions.


A highly skilled professional she is the right person to have on your side, thanks Tania.”


David and Joan - Clayton Bay

“My mother told me if you can’t say anything good, keep quiet. ¬†Regarding you, it’s a different story. We wish to thank you for being the only person who as acted professionally in the exercise and sincerely wish you well in your business. We would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Hayden D. - Mount Barker

I really appreciate all your help with the settlement process.

Your communication and help throughout the process was first class and I am really glad I reached out to you and asked you to assist.


What we offer

Residential Conveyancing

Our Registered Conveyancers will coordinate the clearance of land title and transfer to new owners.

Commercial Conveyancing

Specialists in Sale of Business Contracts, Commercial Leases, Disclosure Documents and Due Diligence.

Land Division

A Conveyancing Practitioner is required to complete the land division by coordinating the issue and registration of new Title.

Private Sales

Searches, drafting the Contract of Sale and assembling the Form One for private property sales.

Fully Automated Conveyancing Transaction Service (FACTS).

Electronic settlements, online identity checks and client authorisations.

Starting your settlement is easy.  Just complete the two eForms below.

VOI CheckClient Authority

Safe and secure

Before providing conveyancing services and acting on your behalf with the Lands Titles Office (LTO), a Verification of Identity (VOI) and Verification of Authority (VOA) must be done with your conveyancer.

All parties to the property transfer are required to present the correct forms of ID at this appointment in order to conduct a successful VOI check. The Registrar General’s Verification of Identity Requirements can be downloaded here.

To assist you with this process, we provide you with a pre-appointment checklist beforehand so that you will be completely prepared to get the settlement process underway.

Independent Civil Conveyancing offers a complete online solution for the conduct of VOI checks and Client Authorisations via Online Forms. This function complements the digital era of conveyancing with the introduction of PEXA, the mandated electronic settlements platform.

If you would like to know more, have any questions or wish speak with a conveyancer today, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Preferred conveyancers of the Adelaide Hills.

You are buying or selling a home in the Adelaide Hills and you need conveyancing services. You’ve received your contract and Form 1 notice and time is of the essence. ¬†Independent Civil Conveyancing is your local conveyancer. We address all your conveyancing needs from contract to completion and will successfully register your Transfer or any other dealing with the Lands Titles Office (LTO).

If you are dealing with the Lands Services Group (LSG) for any other matter, such as Land Division, Family or Estate transfers, Power of Attorney, Caveats and Certificate of Title changes, we can provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience, keeping you informed along the way.

At Independent Civil Conveyancing, you also have access to electronic settlement services through Property Exchange Australia (PEXA), the approved electronic conveyancing platform.

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