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Client Authorisation
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Client Authorisation (CLA)

What is Authorised?

By submitting this online form, the Client (party to the contract) authorises Independent Civil Conveyancing to act on behalf of the Client in accordance with the terms of this Client Authorisation and any Participation Rules and any Prescribed Requirement to:

  1. Sign documents on the Client’s behalf as required for the Conveyancing Transaction(s); and
  2. Submit or authorise submission of documents for lodgment with the relevant Land Registry; and
  3. Authorise any financial settlement involved in the Conveyancing Transaction(s); and
  4. Do anything else necessary to complete the Conveyancing Transaction(s).

The Client acknowledges that the Client is bound by any documents required in connection with a Conveyancing Transaction that the Representative signs on the Client’s behalf in accordance with this Client Authorisation e-form.

NB:  In the interest of public safety during the current Coronavirus Pandemic, the Client Authorisation should be submitted online using the e-form on this page unless otherwise negotiated with staff at Independent Civil Conveyancing.

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