Independent Civil Conveyancing offers the full range of conveyancing services for clients who need to deal with the Lands Titles Office (LTO) or Land Services Group (LSG).

We are legally qualified* Registered Practicing Conveyancers who have chosen Conveyancing as a specialist career path in South Australia.

Law schools prepare solicitors by delivering theoretical knowledge in Property Law, Contract Law, Trusts and Equity, General Legal Principles, Tort Law and Civil Procedure. All of these areas have a relationship with conveyancing law in one way or another. However, further study is required in order to gain the practical knowledge and skills that make a Conveyancing Professional.

Our clients receive a high standard of service which, we believe, provides our clients with excellent value for money.

Independent Civil Conveyancing also provides clients with the option to conduct their settlement online with PEXA, the Australian Government’s digital platform for conveyancing transactions. This gives our clients the benefit of lodging and settling electronically in real time and resulting in cheaper, faster property settlements. Other LTO dealings may also be conducted online.

Our clients are in the most capable of hands because we can protect them against risk and inform them of their rights in relation to every facet of the property transaction from contract to completion. And because we are qualified and skilled digital operators, we help our clients take advantage of the latest conveyancing  technology.

*NB: Independent Civil Conveyancing is not a law firm nor does it offer legal services. We are strictly a conveyancing service. 

Efficient property settlements.

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