Independent Civil Conveyancing supporting private sellers.

Private house sales are becoming more and more common. But there is a limit to how much the private seller can achieve. Before the transfer of residential land can take place, there are many legal obligations which must be satisfied. However, this need not be a road block for private sellers of land. You CAN sell your home yourself, but you will need professional help to finalise your property settlement.

For example, a ‘Form 1’ Vendor’s Disclosure and contract for sale and purchase of land must be properly researched, drafted and served in accordance with legislation.

If you are going through a real estate agent, they will draft the contract which must comply with the Law of Property Act SA. However, if you are involved in a private sale, it will be necessary for you to engage a conveyancer to prepare the contract and Form 1 at an early stage, well before your buyer comes along.

The contract sets out the terms of the sale, settlement and transfer of the property. The actual transfer of legal title to the land itself is effected at settlement by a signed memorandum registered at the Lands Titles Office (LTO).

Our conveyancers are legally trained. We encourage you to see us at Independent Civil Conveyancing as soon as your house is advertised for sale. It is prudent to have a legally qualified conveyancer on board from the outset to draft and check the terms of the contract to ensure you fulfill your legal obligations as a private seller as well as to protect your rights and interests.

We will also give you prompt, ongoing advice so that you do not lose the opportunity to sell or purchase the property in question.

When it comes to the conveyancing or transfer of land title, you can be assured of our professional service and advice. We will  attend to settlement for you at the Lands Titles Office (LTO) or conduct an electronic settlement via PEXA on your behalf.


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