The Registrar General today issued a statement claiming plans to make e-conveyancing mandatory in South Australia are being placed on hold while concerns over cyber security still exist.
“Security of the e-conveyancing system is paramount. ARNECC’s security review needs to be completed and actioned and all industry stakeholders need to be engaged and active in their response to cyber security threats.”
The decision follows a recent state-wide consultation with the conveyancing industry that raised doubts about the digital conveyancing platform PEXA.
While mandating e-conveyancing won’t be considered again until 1 Jan 2020, the RG foreshadowed that when cyber-security threats have been dealt with, compulsory e-conveyancing will once again be on the table.
“The ORG encourages stakeholders to prepare for the future and the transition to full electronic conveyancing.”
Although it would be nice to streamline the conveyancing process with the introduction of electronic conveyancing, it appears security in doing so is not guaranteed.
This makes conveyancers worried and is the reason why we are in no great rush to do away with paper. Perhaps this is one of the rare occasions where human input and organisation works far better than technology….
Stay tuned…..

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